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Top New Gadgets for Women


Top New Gadgets for Women

Technology is an essential part of day to day living in 2016. Our lives are organized according to smart phones and Ipads, and we aren’t sure how we ever got along before. Finally, women are being recognized as a huge part of the consumer base. In fact, women now purchase more technology than men do. Manufacturers are designing products with the ladies in mind, making sure they are more customized than ever before. Women tend to be proud of the quality of branding and often buy into them, instead of just buying them. Here are some new gadgets to make women’s lives easier:

Everpurse ($190-$320)Everpurse-with-Charging-Mat

• Stylish handbag that doubles as a portable charger
• Slide phone into small slot when not using
• No wires and can support two full charges a day

Jackery Mini ($30)Jackery-Mini

• Less than 3 ounces
• Can charge a smartphone for 50 hours
• Size of a tube of lipstick

Martian Smart Watch ($250-$300)

• Shows texts, emails, and other notifications from smartphone
• Looks like analog watch
• Use voice commands to send texts hands-free

Rechargeable Electric Corkscrew ($100)31QD4w-2qML._SX355_

• Works on corks of all types
• Fits all bottlenecks
• users gave it 4 out of 5 stars

Tracker Stickr ($24)sticker_1_desktop

• Attach to anything you are prone to lose
• Connects via Bluetooth to smartphone
• Press to set off alarm and find item

Mr. Coffee WeMo Coffeemakersection1

• Start brewing with your smartphone
• Brews at optimized temperature
• Set up brew schedule for a week in advance

Aroma Diffuser ($88.25)

• Advanced technology allows diffuser to emit oil particles for your body to absorb.
• Pleasant aroma of natural scents
• Foreign odors are filtered through a carbon mesh for better quality air

Audio Clutch ($399)

• Fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff has teamed up with a California audio company, Stelle Audio to create this unique accessory
• Sharp handbag sports a wireless Bluetooth speaker
• 15-hour battery charge
• Built in speaker and emergency device charger
These are just some of the newest gadgets on the market today. Sites like,, and, are excellent resources to keep you up to date with technology for women.


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