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The Future 2017 and Whats In Store


The year 2017 is a great year for new technology and development. There are many amazing new machines, vehicles and medicines that will truly astound consumers everywhere. Most of this technology will seem like it came directly from the set of a blockbuster sci-fi movie. The following material will describe some of the advance scientific products and services that will be available in 2017; and how they are going to impact the world once they arrive.



Iron Man in Real Liferaytheon_exo2_01



Many people are familiar with heroes known as the Avengers. One Avenger is known as Iron Man and his alias is Tony Stark. Iron Man’s suit allows Stark to do amazing things such as flying through the air or shooting lasers. This all sounds good for the comic books and movies, but what about real life?



Government agencies, universities and private companies have created the TALOS or Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit for the United States Army. This suit is designed to provide ballistic, shock and fire protection for Special Operation soldiers. The technology is being rapidly developed so that it will be available for test runs in 2017.



This piece of equipment cannot be made for civilian or commercial use. However, it will be an amazing piece of body armor and weaponry once it is complete. If it does well for military forces, in a matter of years it could show up in our communities for law enforcement and quite possibly for civilian use.



The Titan Arm8c9616683-attachment1.nbcnews-ux-2880-1000



Prosthetics are important pieces of equipment for people who have missing limbs. Since people cannot regrow their body parts then prosthetic devises are used as a substitute. One type of prosthetic that will be turning heads in 2017 is known as the Titan Arm. This unit has been developed by a team of researchers at the University of Pennsylvania.



The Titan Arm is a strength-enhancing exoskeleton that will give mobility and strength to people with missing limbs. The unit will also be rehabilitative decie for people who have suffered from stroke and it can be used by the average person for lifting heavy loads. The Titan Arm is economically feasible and has the funding behind it to become a marketable product by 2017.



3D Printable Food?3d-Printing-Pizza



Who would ever think that a computer can be used to make dinner? The average person would find this statement too absurd to believe. However, the technology is already in place for this to happen. A company by the name of Biozoon has figured out a way to use 3D printing technologies to print out powder forms of various foods. Once these powder foods are printed into their perspective shapes; they will materialize into the types of foods that they represent. Then, when a person eats them; they quickly dissolve in their mouths.



This technology is groundbreaking and it will be available in 2017. The technology will primarily be used for medical applications but the possibilities are endless. The days of literally creating foods to eat from a smartphone or tablet is just around the corner.


Other amazing technologies that will show up in 2017 includes hybrid reality environments for engineers and scientists to explore complex environments, super charging WIFI rooms, (electronic) e-showers and free WIFI phone booths in major cities. This is only a small presentation of coming new technologies that will change our world.







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