Life Saving Technologies 2016


Technology and science is essential to modern life. In everyday society people use mobile devices to communicate, computers to perform tasks and airplanes for transportation. Modern society has a lot of tools and equipment at its disposal that helps people in a variety of different ways. People have invented life saving technologies that are essential for keeping people alive and in good shape. Here is a brief look at some of the best life saving technologies 2016 that is available for use today.



IntelliDot Systempoc4.jpg



The IntelliDot System is a wireless hand held device that is used for scanning hospital wristbands and drug labels for patients. This technology is critical within the medical field because it ensures that patients are getting the right medications and treatments that they will need to heal. The technology is now being developed into a more advance system that can address more complex issues with patient healthcare.

SmartPill GI Monitoring Systemsmartpill


People often have problems within their body but doctors cannot pinpoint where these issues originate. Enter the SmartPill. The SmartPill is a small capsule that is loaded with special sensors that is able to scan a person’s system once it passes through. After a patient swallows a pill it works its way through their system while transmitting data to a small receiver. Doctors can then analyze the data after a few days have passed.



Dr, Google



Search engines are now being used to treat people with more accuracy and knowledge. Since the internet is now a fact of life a lot of people use this medium to figure out what is wrong with their body when they experience some type of complication. The team at Google has added a chief health strategist who specializes in providing and refining credible information to search engine’s algorithms. This way people can get the best information possible about what could possibly be wrong with (1)



Connected Global Brain and Social Media



Social Media sites are all about communication and connecting with other people. This technology is one of the most impressive types that the internet has to offer. Some medical researchers have figured out that social media has the potential to be developed into a large database or digital brain that can be used to transmit, share and store medical data. This type of technology can be linked to a credible medical organization or community to provide medicine, patient records and other vital health related information. Social media based digital brains could be the future of medicine.



Wearable Technology that Helps a Person’s Health



There are some wearable device technologies that allow people to monitor various aspects of their health. Watches and wristbands can be outfitted with a digital design that can be used to track a person’s sleep, movement and cardiovascular system. The units can store patient information that could be used in case of medical emergencies.



Smart Clothing/Technical Clothingfb94ea01fc3fd73ef733f4678598307d



Technical clothing is another life saving material that is important for people who work outdoors in climates with extreme cold. Technical clothing is designed to keep people dry and warm. This type of clothing is designed to move with a person’s frame and has materials that allow a person’s skin to breath and receive circulation. Campers, hikers other people can use technical clothing while they are out in the open country. These are just a few of the many life saving technologies that are available for people today.






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