Is Technology Making Humans Lazy?


The debate about technology and human laziness has been going on for many years. This debate has become more profound in modern times since technology is making a huge impact on modern human life. Let’s take another look into this age old debate about technology and how beneficial it is to men.



Truthfully, Technology does Make People Lazy



Technology is designed to make life easier for people. Cars make transportation less complicated, stoves keep people from barbecuing or cooking over an open fire and refrigerators help us to store food for a longer period of time. All of these different forms of technology are great and truthfully they do make people lazier. Here’s why.



Microwaves make it easier for people to heat small meals and to prepare food in a matter of minutes. Wash machines make it easier for people to clean their clothes. All they have to do is put them in the machine and/or dryer and walk away. No longer do people have to scrub their clothing or hang them out on a clothes line.



Remotes make it easier to control the operations of a TV. Tablets make computing easier too. People can now use their finger to play games, surf the web and to watch videos. All in all, technology does make it easier for people to do tasks that people had to deal with, less than 100 years ago.



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People can be active if they want to. However, modern technology helps to keep people lazy; if they choose to remain this way. Video games are fun. If they were not kids (and adults) would not become addicted to them. Video games do not make people fat but they can keep people inactive for long periods of time. While video games and the internet is fun to play and use; people have to make the effort to get up, get out and be active. Parents should unplug their kids off of their video games and force them to go out and play for at least a couple hours.



Technology and Brain Functionp2LFlQb



Technology is extremely beneficial in the realm of education. The internet allows people to find out information on just about anything that they need to know. Technology makes it easier for people to learn and to figure things out but some people rely on technology too much. Instead of learning how to do certain things in the right way, they end up relying solely on technology to accomplish what their brains should be doing. As long as people are properly using technology when it comes to education or learning; then computers, tablets and the internet should not be problem.



Once again, technology does make people lazy even though it improves peoples lives for the better. However, it is a choice for a person to remain lazy by depending on it. So, each individual has to make a choice about their perspective on technology and how they will use it.





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