Amazing New Technologies Coming 2017


Technology is all around us and it is becoming more advanced as each year passes. In 2016 technological advancements such as smart mobile movie theaters and smart watches entered into the market on a grand scale. In 2017, technological breakthroughs will occur with hovercraft, drones and 3D printing equipment and software. There are so many scientific breakthroughs scheduled to happen in 2017 that we have to focus only on the ones that is going to revolutionize society the most.


Solar Panels Decline in PriceNaam-Limits-of-Earth-Part2-Figure07


Most people might think that a decrease in the price of solar panels is not a technological breakthrough but they would be wrong. Solar panels are a very practical and useful form of power generation. They become cheaper to produce as each year passes. This means that consumers will be able to integrate more of this technology inside of their homes and in various aspects of their everyday lives. The cheaper this technology becomes the more it will be used by consumers as a whole.


Hovercrafts: Coming to Car Lot Near you in 20172


Drones and hover boards have been all of the rage for the last few years. By the time 2017 arrives, floating vehicles will be in vogue. If you ever watched the first Star Wars movie when Luke Skywalker was riding across the desert in a floating vehicle; you pretty much seen a hovercraft. These machines are designed to float off the ground and a company called Aerofex is one of a few that will be making them available for sale. They will cost about $85,000. This will probably be one of the biggest technology breakthrough of the decade let alone within that year.







Many creative people such as artists and architects would surely benefit from 3D printing technologies and in 2017 they are going to explode. The equipment and software for this process will be more advanced and versatile. This will allow people to make more complex designs with the use of their computers. 3D printing technology is going to make a deeper inroad into people’s homes as well.




Other technology in 2017 will include the increase of internet users to 3.2 billion people, the first human head transplant (yes, the science is in place for this to happen) and consumer based HIV vaccinations should also be available within this year. Many exciting and strange technological breakthroughs will take place in 2017 and they are expected to make life easier and more productive.


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