Amazing Apps to Better your Life


Apps have become a big part of everyday life since 2008 when the first iPhone was released. Now, just about every person with a mobile device is using an application. Here is a list of some amazing apps that are designed to make your life better.




Weather Apps255148-blackberry-tablet-weather-app



While it is true that people watch the news and look at the weather; they do not always get a chance to tune in. So, a weather app is important because it can keep people informed by the hour about weather conditions. The Weather Channel app and Accuweather are just two popular types.



GPS Apps



Most people have a GPS app pre-installed on their mobile devices. These apps are extremely important for travelers since they help people from getting lost. Google Maps and other apps are available for this purpose.



Word Processor Apps



Word processors are important for people who do a lot writing and for people who work in business. Processors such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs are some of the most popular types.



Newspaper and Magazines Apps135-publications



Newspaper and magazine sales have been declining for years and many people are moving their subscription online with apps. Time magazine and the New York Times have subscriptions for consumers in app form.



Organizational Apps



There are apps that help people to get organized. These apps are great for setting up tasks and schedules. They also help people to set goals and to achieve them. Apps such as Todoist and Swipes are used for this purpose.



Health Apps



Health apps are important because they can be used to keep track of medical information and for monitoring a persons heart, pulse and blood pressure. Daily Water and Pact are two example of health apps.



Reading Apps



People really enjoy reading and reading apps help people to catch up on the latest titles. Apps such as Barnes and Nobles and Kindle help to keep reading on devices fun, organized and practical. Kobo reading app makes receiving magazines and newspapers an easy and fun thing to do.



Education Apps



Everybody can always improve their ability to read, write and to do arithmetic. Educational apps are created for this purpose. Many developers have educational apps for toddlers, school age children and adults. Tiny Tap, LightSail, WordFlex Touch Dictionary and Edmoto are some of the best education apps on the market.



Utility Apps



People need tools and certain apps can convert their devices into a specific type of tool that is needed for various jobs. iHandy Level is a great app to use to perfectly balance objects. Handylight converts a mobile device into a flashlight. Another great utility app is Word Lens this app coverts one language into the next.



Financial Apps



Mobile devices and business go hand in hand. Apps such as Expensify, Mint and Paypal make doing business an easy and great thing to do. These apps and more help people to track expenses, make and receive payments. Apps such as Spendee can help people to budget their money and other apps such as H & R Tax Preparation will help people to get their financial affairs in order. These are just a few of the amazing apps to better your life.








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